Why Contracting?
Enhance your Career

The I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services team not only ensures our client finds the best talent for their projects, but we also ensure that our contractors get to work on interesting projects that will benefit their career and ensure they want to work with us in the future.

Enhance your career through IT contracting

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out and looking for your first role, there has never been a better time to become an independent, professional contractor. Contracting allows you to be your own boss and is a great way to leverage your skills. View our open roles here. 

It also brings several other advantages which include:

  • Freedom: Contracting gives you the freedom to decide when you want to take on a contract rather than being tied into a permanent role. Periods in between contracts present the opportunity for travel or further education – something that isn’t always possible to permanent employees due to limited annual leave.
  • Work / Life Balance: If you struggled in the past with a work/life balance, contracting offers you the opportunity to integrate your work into your lifestyle. Simply put, you can choose to take on contract assignments as and when it suits you.
  • Variety: Contracting is a good way to dip your toe into varied industries and roles without having to commit on a permanent basis. Contractors have opportunities to work for multiple employers over much shorter spaces of time, helping you make the most of your time and providing a varied range of experience.
  • Access to desirable roles: Contracting is a great way to get a foot in the door of a company you really want to work for. Risk-averse employers are often more open and flexible to taking on contractors than they are with permanent hires, especially during periods of economic uncertainty.
  • Upskilling: With each contract role, you will be working on new projects, different working environments, be exposed to new systems and processes all allowing you to learn on the job and increasing your value.
  • Experience of different company cultures: As you work across different companies you will be exposed to the range of working styles and cultures. Contracting helps you gain experience of different organisations styles which is an opportunity that is not possible in a permanent role.
  • Economic uncertainty: While it has negative connotations, contractors can successfully navigate times of economic uncertainty effectively. Business’ struggle to keep pace with competition yet can not afford the risk of adding to headcount. As a result, contractors are an attractive option – this approach empowers an organisation to scale up and down rapidly as required.
  • Networking: A “rolling stone gathers no moss”, but an independent, professional contractor in varied roles can grow a great network of contacts. This can be leveraged as a means of support or to develop contracting opportunities. It also helps when you have the backing one of Ireland’s longest established resourcing services company. View our open roles here.