Key Differentiator
Our Methodology

As part of the wider I.T. Alliance Group, which incorporates Auxilion, a Microsoft Gold partner with over 20 years in the UK and Irish markets, we combine our unique skills to offer a full service to both talent and organisations across a range of industries.

Our Resourcing Services Methodology

Our specialisation is a key differentiator within a competitive market. Our history of delivering complex IT projects over the past 25 years gives us an added advantage over our competitors. It is not, however enough to be an industry leader with the highest quality of contractors – so we go further.

We demand excellence in every aspect of our approach to Resourcing Services. This includes the standard of our contractors and extends to the software we use, our approach to contractor welfare and client relationship management to name a few. Our Resourcing Services business is backed up by over 200 industry specialists. We have competency principals (including Microsoft, Oracle, ITIL and PMP accredited specialists), who are charged with vetting our contractors. This ensures that your organisation is working with only the best technical and project specialists.

We are more than a traditional Resourcing Services organisation. We are an IT company with a long tradition of technical expertise.

In addition to our resourcing framework, we have the most robust contractor screening process which includes:

Accredited IT Specialists

As part of the I.T. Alliance Group, we have over 20 years in the IT industry. Our resourcing staff are backed by over 150 industry specialists. We have competency principals (including Oracle, Azure and PMP accredited specialists), who are charged with vetting contractors. This ensures that your organisation is working technical and project specialists.

Technical Testing

Our technical screening process can include technical tests to ensure your organisation reduces the need to create these. Reducing time and strains on your internal resources, allows your team to keep moving forward and quickly assess proven candidates at the interview stage.

Reference Checks

Many of our contractors have worked with us for many years. Some, in fact, have been contracting with us for over a decade. This long-standing relationship with our contractors results in a better understanding of previous roles, and their resourcing counterpart can quickly complete reference checks.

Welfare Review

We assume responsibility for all assignments and align each resource with a member of the Resourcing Services team. These reviews are vital to discuss training needs, welfare concerns and other HR-related issues. The consulting arm of the I.T. Alliance Group provides cost-effective training options for our contractors and covers everything from Microsoft Certifications, project management qualifications (PMP and Prince qualifications), right through to GDPR.