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We are a leading provider of IT and project specialists to a range of clients. We have been serving these clients for over 20 years, as part of the I.T. Alliance Group. Over the last 25 years, we worked with several contractors who utilised our contracting engine internally and over time, it grew into an independent entity. We now use this same approach to benefit IT and project professional contractors who we support every day.

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Why Choose Us?

As an IT resourcing services company, we understand technology and IT projects. We also have a network of skilled, IT professionals who maintain long-term relationships with us, delivering high-quality assignments for our clients in the public and private sectors.

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Our robust screening process includes accredited, internal, IT specialists and strict technical screening to ensure your organisation is getting the best talent when they need it most. In addition, our internal IT resources can be leveraged to benefit our clients.

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Key Competencies

As part of the I.T. Alliance Group, we have core internal teams of skilled, IT professionals across competencies such as Project Management, Infrastructure and Managed Services. Our partner network includes global organisations such as IBM, Microsoft and Dell.

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Working in the financial services sector.

We have been working with our client since 2015, providing a range of IT professionals to deliver against key business requirements. These include: Project Managers, Business System Analysts, Systems Development, Network and Systems Engineers and QA Engineers. Our service provides an effective solution to support our client’s project demands and the need for flexible resources to support delivery. This flexible control empowers our client to manage project costs, deploy additional support during times of increased demand while ensuring KPI’s across the business are achieved.


“The efficiency I have experienced with the team is second to none. From the excellent timesheet system (ensuring I can quickly upload and get paid for my time) to the responsiveness of my account manager- it all just, well, works! This makes my life, as a contractor, so much easier. ”
- Tom Walsh

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