Resourcing not recruitment
Selecting a Resourcing Partner

We pride ourselves in this fact and have many long-term contractors that have partnered with us for over ten years.  As part of the I.T. Alliance Group, we specialise in IT across applications, infrastructure, Digital Transformation and project management services.

How to select your contracting partner

Your next career move is our priority.

We work with forward-thinking organisations, across a range of industries. With that in mind, we only work with the best contractors. Your next move is our priority. The wrong contractor in the wrong role is detrimental to all parties involved. Both the client and contractor suffer from setbacks. As a result, I.T. Alliance Resourcing Services works to serve both our contractors and clients equally.

Our organisation grew from our experience working for large clients on their IT projects. Our knowledge of the marketplace means we understand the requirements of our contractors and the challenges faced along the way.

But with so many opportunities and a wealth of contracting services and recruitment companies out there, how does one go about selecting the right partner?

Tom OGormanTop six tips for selecting a partner.

1) It’s about partnerships.

The hint is in the title. Too many Resourcing Service providers see contracting in terms of money and labour. Our contractors are not a number, but a vital to our business. Contractors are integral to the delivery of every project delivered to our clients. With that in mind, it’s vital to ensure you meet with a recruiter or account manager who treats you as an equal partner. As a contractor, it’s important to feel confident that you are in safe hands when working at your level.

2) Variety is the spice of life, but longevity goes a long way too.

We understand that whether you are starting out as an IT contractor or you are an experienced technical project manager, you are looking for a challenging project. Part of the draw of contracting is the interesting challenges that you can work on, the change offered and ability to pick and choose your next move. While job satisfaction is important, security matters too. Contractors should ensure that a resourcing partner can provide a strong portfolio of both clients and projects that they can actively engage with at various times of the contracting cycle. As part of the I.T. Alliance Group, we leverage over 20 years of experience and an extensive network that reaches across both public and private sectors.

3) Transparency

If you are expected to reveal your personal data, it’s vital to ensure that the partner you select is going to value this data. It is worth reviewing a partner’s privacy policy (you can view ours here) and the account manager or recruiter you are assigned, values this. Ensuring that all relevant NDAs are signed and filed securely is also worth bearing in mind. Enquiring about the systems used by an organisation is fair when your data will be stored with them.

4) Coaching

We are experts in our field and look for expert contractors. We understand that formatting a CV, for example, may not be your forte. With that in mind, we take each contractor aside for coaching when necessary. This might be a simple lesson in formatting a Word document up to full training on interview skills. If you register with an agency, ensure they are supporting you – not just to find you the best role but to help you secure it. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of a particular technology stack – we can help too.  Our Group is built around multiple partnerships with technology giants including HP and Microsoft. We can work with you to develop your skills and career.

5) Welfare

Contracting is challenging at times. When things are tough, we all need someone to talk to and in most full time employed roles, it can be a colleague or manager. When speaking about your next contracting role, be sure to enquire about the welfare set up that is offered. Our contractors are assigned an account manager that makes weekly or monthly visits, on-site, depending on the contractor need. Sometimes it might be needed to discuss an escalation, but generally, it’s just a check-in or reassurance. Regardless – it’s important.

6) Clients

We all want to work on interesting projects. The organisations working with great clients are the ones worth engaging with. Ask your resourcing partner which clients they represent and what types of projects you can expect to be able to work on. It’s also worth asking if they are preferred suppliers for clients. For example, government departments and semi-state companies will often have framework contracts of preferred suppliers in place for various projects.

Ready for that next move?

If you are looking for a partner who provides all of the above,submit your CV or contact us for a chat. View our open roles here.